3-Pack of AppHarvest The Food Fight Medium Salsa

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3-Pack of AppHarvest The Food Fight Medium Salsa


Responsibly sourced and USA-grown, The Food Fight 16 oz. Medium Salsa pack delivers moderate heat and caters to party guests across the spice spectrum.  

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Medium Recipe—Combine all ingredients in kettle, heat product to 212 degrees for 45 minutes:  Tomatoes, 30.53%  White Onion, 6.11%  Jalapenos, 2.44%  Poblano Pepper, 2.44%  Dried Cilantro, 1.83%  Green Onion, 1.83%  White Vinegar, 1.34%  Lemon Juice, 1.34%  Dried Guajillo Chilies, 1.22%  Salt, 0.98%  Garlic, 0.85%  Habanero, 0.23% 

“Love the salsa!”—Kelsey W

“The medium salsa is my favorite, it has the perfect balance of heat and is packed with flavor” –Greg V

“Tastes really fresh!”—Martin N

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